We build only a handfull of boards a
year. Production time is between June
and Oktober. For custom snowboards,
please consider that we can take orders
only till June each year

For stock boards, just shoot us a mail
which board you would like, or give
us a call (+436644377227 - Andreas
Zimmer), write us on WhatsApp, or send
us an oldschool sms.
By appointment, you can of course drive
by and have a chat and a beer with us
If we're not picking up the phone, we're
either in a lamination
session or somewhere on the mountains.
We try to return every phonecall, but
sometimes we miss em. A short
message would make it easier for us, so
we know what's going on.

For warranty cases, please bear in mind
that these boards are handmade at high
grade and due to the small quantity we
produce, we take additional care on
every single board. We source the
majority of our materials directly from
Austria to ensure we meet the highest
quality standards. Nevertheless, failures
can happen. So if there is a lamination
failure in one of our boards, just call us
or mail us and we will find a proper solution.
Please take note that defects on our
snowboards resulting from improper use
can not be covered by our warranty.

Shipping is free within Austria. For
Other countries please contact us.

Two original Board-Shaper; Andi, Dan.

Yes we have a story as well and in short its;
surprisingly: We love Snowboarding. And the
thing we started here was never meant to be
a business or something. We created the
whole process from scratch; our own press,
machines and instruments. Its a project of
Friendship, Pureness, Challenges and
Accomplishments. A hidden place, right in
the middle of the Austrian Alps, where
knowledge came together to form the Boards
we needed. Nevertheless, the decision came
up that this project deserves more and finally
became official; to get shared with all of you.
Still, the spirit and philosophy continues and
therefore we only build a limited amount of boards a
year. We want to keep our passion for
boardbuilding since 2013 alive and don't want
to push this into a massproduction kind of
thing. The last sentence is dedicated to our
magic home Mountain, the PIHAPPER, where
this project got the name from.

For contact:
Andreas Zimmer
Rettenbachstraße 112
5730 Mittersill
T: +436644377227
E: info@pihapper-ltd.com